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 5 Stars ***** Beth Phillips December 27, 2016

Haven't taken lessons due to being over the other side of the world  :D 
But have certainly learnt many great things from the various videos and posts that are put up...
Fantastic Horse page  :)

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 5 Stars ***** ​Kathy Behnke April 8, 2016

Lindsey is amazing at what she does! Within minutes she can change a horse and get them to trust her 100%. She is also great with my daughter and gave her so much confidence. I would highly recommend her for anything horse related. She also helped me find an amazing horse out of a lose pen. I can't say enought good things about Lindsey.​

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5 Stars ***** ​Sami Helmrichs March 22, 2016

​I took my mare, Autumn, to Lindsey for just a quick two week session last summer. It was more of a "let's see what she's capable of doing" sort of thing. My biggest request? Getting her to not dance around you while on a halter, and getting into a trailer nicely.
Lindsey went above and beyond. Hands down, when I picked her up I could not believe that not only did she walk nicely next to me but she got right into the trailer and stood in there while we chatted. I couldn't believe she accomplished that in just to short weeks.
Taking it one step further she explained to me how to handle her a little bit better. She was such a nervous horse. Flinch and shied at absolutely everything. Lindsey spent a good hour walking me through everything she did and showed me things I could easily handle doing with Autumn on my own.
Being fairly new to the horse life it was a refreshing change to not be talked down to and have things explained to us in a better manner.
Shortly after we got her back she ended up with an injury to her hoof that required those fabulous salt soaks. She stood in those buckets like a champ for all her treatments, which would have never happened before her training.
We highly recommended Lindsey she's amazing and we would take any horse we ever owned back to her if needed.

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