Doese Horsemanship

Doese Horsemanship offers foal classes, horse starting, refreshment training, groundwork training either as a started or a refresher, and driving training for horses under 15hh. Horses are started at the very beginning from the ground up to the sadlle to ensure there are no holes. They are taught to communicate with us, ask questions in their own way, and look to their person to be their leader to ensure a healthy relationship.

Training Hours:

Training Horses have grooming and hands-on time every day, whether they are working on a specific goal, getting ground work, building trust through quality time, or refreshing particular training. You're guaranteed no less than 30 hours of work!


Two Weeks=$250

One Month=$500

Contact Lindsey with Doese Horsemanship at 641-780-1593 for any questions!

​Here is what you can expect when you bring your horse:


  • Training Horses are either pastured or stalled based on individual needs.

  • They are fed supplemental hay based on housing. 

  • Grain is given if owner provides it. 

  • Fresh water is available at all time. 

Doese Horsemanship also finds it beneficial and downright imperative to work with the owner and their horse together to have some coaching in order to maintain the bond between you and your horse, and to further your equine education. While we cater to almost every situation, what we generally offer is bi-weekly or monthly training.

Improving your relationship with your horse to make you a better Leader

Bring your Horse to Us - - -

When you need an extra hand with your horse, Doese Horsemanship can assist you in so many ways. One of those is to bring your horse to our farm in Brownsville, Kentucky for one-on-one equine assessment and hands-on training.

Whether your horse is young and needs started from the ground up, has picked up any undesireable or dangerous habits, or just needs some confidence and refresher riding.... you've got options!