Doese Horsemanship

Improving your relationship with your horse to make you a better Leader

I trail rode everywhere with Bailey, just enjoying being with her and on a horse. It wasn't until I moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in 2012 that I really started expanding my knowledge of training and enhancing my own relationship with my horses. Others saw what I was learning and able to do with the horses, and began asking me to help with their's; soon it became more than just "helping friends", and turned into something else.....

Doese Horsemanship was born!

Since then, I have shown at many of the local Cedar Rapids, Iowa shows and done well, and I've shown in many different disciplines with different breeds. I've shown NBHA, NRHA, and won in Gaited classes and Miniature shows. Thunder and I were Extreme Trail  Course Champion in River Valley in 2015 and Reserve Grand Champion in the Quarter Pony World Show in Driving in 2016.

I feel that each horse is a work of art; a canvas. How you paint the picture is entirely up to you, Doese Horsemanship is here to help you make your relationship with your horse something enjoyable and beautiful!

Meet: Lindsey Doese

Hi, I'm Lindsey.

I help people, one horse at a time. But many people end up being curious how I got to this point, and what drove me to this passion for horses. 

As a child, I begged my parents for years to buy me a horse, but since neither of them really knew anything about horses, they did not see the point of buying one for me until I was 10 years old. What they found as an early gift for Christmas in November of 2003 set me on this path for life.

Bailey was 6 years old, unbroke and also surprisingly pregnant. There really was nothing special about her; plain sorrel with one hind sock, fluffy winter coat, tangled mane and tail. She had no special training, and even her breed was unknown. I didn't care. They say you know right away when you meet your heart horse... I knew Bailey was my horse. 

They said if I wanted her, I needed to take care of her, train her, and when I was old enough, get a job and pay for her care. I trained Bailey to ride and when her foal Thunder was born, I did all his training too.